Sunday, June 30, 2013

Finish-a-Long quarter 2 finishes

Well, considering I havent looked at this list since I wrote it.. I did fairly well! Here was the initial list.

Quarter 2
1. Mother's Day Bags - this came as a special request from boyfriend's momma - fabrics are picked and I have all my supplies - done!

2. Puff Quilts - I have 3 of these I need to make by June - done!

3. Indie Quilt - Just need to baste and quilt this one - nope, no progress. 

4. Hexie Snowflakes - make 50 more of these, I have 100 now, possibly start putting together - nope, I made 20 more, but not 50, and didnt start assembling either..

Hm, guess I should start thinking about Quarter 3, taking into consideration i'll be moving home, finding a new apartment, starting a new job.. hm, could be a bit crazy :)


  1. You DID do good! Lot's on your plate thought, isn't there?!

  2. Yeah for finishes. I forgot we need to make a lis for Q 3. I might pass. Good luck with the move.

  3. You did great - I would have been at the beach the whole time in your shoes, so you are a marvel for making anything!

  4. That was pretty good with all those puff quilts!


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