Thursday, June 27, 2013

Modern Yardage

A few weeks ago I was contacted my Modern Yardage to see if I wanted to make something with their new fabric. Um, of course!! I've been eyeing up their lines through Instagram (@modernyardage) for some time now.

I decided to go with their Garden Party line by Heather Dutton. I love these prints, they're so bright and cheerful, perfect for some summertime fun.

Modern yardage is different from other fabric companies because you have the option when choosing your fabric to pick the scale as well! For example,

(photo courtesy of Modern Yardage)

I decided to use all medium prints in my fabric choices.

I made some wine coasters with the coordinating prints. I know i'll be going to a bunch of barbecues this summer and these are perfect hostess gifts. The colors are different enough that they can be used as wine glass markers (so you'll never forget which glass is yours) and coasters to protect delicate surfaces from any condensation.

Now, some matching placemats are definitely needed....

Tutorial to follow for these coasters! :)

Thank you Modern Yardage!


  1. Hi!!! Very pretty!!!! Love the option on sizing!!!! Thank You

  2. I need to make some coasters. Is there a tutorial?

  3. oh my gosh, what a cute idea! Definitely post a tutorial please!

  4. I second, or third, the tutorial request! These are fantastic!

  5. I bought some fabric from Modern Yardage and loved the colors/choice but was really disappointed after I washed the fabrics. A lot of the colors really faded and washed out. Not nearly as vibrant as when they went in the wash. I followed their directions to a T and.....

    ....oh well. They are still pretty just not as bright.

    1. Jennifer, I spoke with Modern Yardage regarding your comment. All fabrics fade with washing, but with digital textile printing, an acceptable amount of fading tends to happen early on. With some colors it is noticeable, with others, not so much. Fortunately, Modern Yardage will soon be offering a fade-proof treatment that will resist all fading, even after frequent wash for those customers who plan to get a lot of wear out of their projects. This will set Modern Yardage apart from other digital textile print companies and will likely be just the right thing for you!

  6. Great idea! Although it never gets hot enough here for sweaty wine glasses *sigh*


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