Monday, June 17, 2013

Mother's Day Recap

So, it's Father's Day, but that means its totally acceptable to post about Mother's Day gift that I never shared... right???

My future mother-in-law was out here last November visiting and requested a bag. She had some criteria it needed to meet :
 - large
- zipper closure
- external and internal pockets

Okay, so bags i'm getting better at, and hunting for a pattern I went. I finally decided on Anna Marie Horner's Art Student Tote. I opted for option B which had the additional extended top piece.

I picked up some Bekko for this one, and nervously started cutting
there was a ton of material required so I didnt have much extra or room for error.

I'm typically the start and project and end in the same day
kind of girl.
Not with this bag.

First I made the pockets and the tie pieces..

Then super slowly lined up all the pieces and completed the lining..

At this point I was IN LOVE
I was so excited with how it was coming out, 
and it was massive!! 

I quickly started the lining which was a cake walk 
but then came the extender piece

The pattern claims that the pieces are marked. Mine werent.
I went to IG for help and apparently others werent marked either, so I 
got some tips and pushed forward..


I'm in love, here it is with me holding it empty.. 

I didn't get a picture with the extension raised, but it went all the way into my armpit, 
basically you wouldn't be able to carry it if it was totally full

Maybe next time i'll make the straps longer. (Did you catch that? Next time...)

This bag definitely needs a redo, despite that it needs a ton of fabric I love the design, i'm thinking something QAYG style..



  1. This looks terrific! I'm still recovering from my weekender, but hope to try another bag one of these days...

  2. Looks like a fab bag, and love the fabrics you used, lucky m-i-l to be. :o)

  3. I *love* a roomy bag. Beautiful tote! The fabric you used is so pretty.

  4. Such a good future daughter-in-law you are Jennifer. :) The bag is wonderful. Your MIL is sure to love it.

  5. What a great finish. You can't go wrong with navy!


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