Monday, June 10, 2013

Puff Quilts

Well the parade of puffs is finally finished. I feel like all i've been working on for a month has been there dang puff quilts! I had a friend ask me to make one as a gift and then my brother requested 2 for his friend who was having twins! Of course I agreed, then promptly got caught up in other projects and forgot! All 3 babies were due this month.. dun dun dun.

It started with puffs needing to be puffed..

Lots of broken needles and shredding of thread with these..

Finally, one down.
This one I stuck with blues, grays and oranges -- from various lines

Off to Jersey it went.

Then two.. 

I used prints from Honey, Honey for the twins quilts, duplicating some of the blues and using the various colors of the same prints so that they were similar, but still two distinctly different quilts.

Then finally, all 3 were finished. This is the only picture of the twin quilts I took together.
Honestly, I was so tired of looking at them i'm lucky to have gotten this one.

All three are winging their way to Jersey to be met by 3 little babies that have all been born already!

Now, off to enjoy some time with my sister who is visiting 


  1. It's been a long time since I've seen puffy quilts. Maybe that trend will resurface because of your posts. Thanks for sharing your process.

  2. Those are great! I'm in the same boat with 6 babies due to 4 friends all between September and October. I'm guessing that some of my quilts may be a little late :-)

  3. Whew, well done! Now enjoy your time with your sister :o)

  4. whew is right! So glad they are off your list!

  5. Exhausting, well done on getting them finished! :o)


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