Tuesday, July 9, 2013

FAL Quarter 3

Hm, this quarter i'm thinking small, between the move, finding an apartment and moving again, i'm thinking my studio will be in complete disarray/nonexistent for quite some time!

1. Swoon - I have all the blocks made for this kind sized version, just need to make the backing, and i'm actually sending this out to be long armed, so it shouldn't take too much effort on my part to complete it!

2. Spirograph - top is done, needs backing, basting and quilting

3. Tula Blocks - I have 36 finished, I want to complete all 100 blocks

Should keep me busy but be attainable. Fingers crossed!
t-minus 2 weeks until we move, 


  1. Sounds realistic! I think the Spirograph is great!

  2. quite attainable! Get that giant Swoon to the longarmer asap!

  3. Hey--if I had a move (no, make that TWO moves), I'd be lucky to know where my head is at, let alone thinking about getting projects done. So, I admire you and think you should go for it--you'll be a good inspiration for us all!

    Elizabeth E.


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