Monday, September 16, 2013

Ginger Pots

This weekend I worked primarily on a custom quilt request I had received a few months ago. It is intended as an engagement gift for the customer's daughter. She didn't need in any hurry and had mentioned she thought her daughter would be getting engaged this fall. Last week I made the first few pots and sent them off to her for approval to make sure it was what she had envisioned.

sorry for terrible iphone night shot

She emailed me back on Saturday morning that she loved it... and her daughter was getting engaged in an hour! Well, that definitely put the pedal to the (sewing machine) metal! I hate gifting late and with the move and new job this fell to back burner which made me feel even worse!

I added a scrappy blue border around the whole thing

I completed all of the ginger pots Saturday and the quilt top on Sunday!
All thats left is a quick run to the store for flannel backing and a marathon basting/quilting session this week!


  1. Interesting! What's the size going to be??

  2. Hmm, interesting commission, was there some significance to the pots?

  3. Wow, those Spa fabrics are the perfect choice for those pots. Lovely work!

  4. I had the same question as Katy! Pretty blues...


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