Wednesday, April 30, 2014

easter gifts

I've actually been sewing?? What?? A few weeks ago I had a request from a coworker for a crayon book… that would fit a coloring book. Okay, no problem. Fast forward to actually trying to construct this freehand.

I added handles to it so her granddaughter would be able to carry it herself and mimic'ed the crayon slot from the smaller crayon books i've made in the past.

My only concern is the gap from the crayons to the center that after some love it might get looser and they will fall out.. I told my coworker to keep me posted.

All in all, not too shabby.
I finally caught up on some bee blocks last night so i'll have those to show tomorrow! :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Shop Update

We've added a bunch of new solid flannels to the shop this week - I know these are my go to for backings lately. There is just something extra cozy about a flannel backing! 

I've also set up PREORDER listings for Heather Ross -Far Far Away which will be arriving in July. There are FQ bundles, ½ yard bundles and yard bundles. If you are intending to PREORDER these, please do not purchase with anything else as they will not ship until July! :)

We've also added a new pattern section to the shop that has recently been stocked with Thimble Blossom patterns, Staple dresses and a bunch of the mini patterns that are just adorable!!

Back more next week with some ACTUAL sewing!
It's been all mystery projects recently, so hopefully I can show some soon!

Monday, April 7, 2014

2014 Finish a Long Quarter 2

Hm, talk about taking some time off. My poor little blog has gone through some serious neglect in 2014! Well, now that i'm moved again (hopefully for the last time for a while) and settled back in, i've decided to jump back on board with the Finish A Long hosted by Katy

So, I didn't participate in Quarter 1 because I knew life would be crazy and I wouldn't have a chance to get much done. This quarter overlaps with the ending of my school year (which gets crazy as a teacher) but i'm going to shoot big anyway :)

Quarter 2 List -
1. Mystery Quilt - Now it hardly seems right to start off with a mystery but this one has a May deadline, so until then, it will need to stay that way

2. Swoon - This is one that my fiancé asked me to start way back when we were living in Hawaii -- i've fallen out of love with the individual blocks which is what lead to the dragging of my feet. Hopefully I can start putting this together and maybe the love will return. If not, at least we'll have a completed quilt on our bed instead of the individual smaller quilts we have now!

3. Maxi Skirts - I purchased some knits and i'd like to get some skirts made to wear this summer (I also may have promised my sister and pregnant best friend some as well!)

4. Tula Pink Sampler - I stalled on this one last summer, started working on it again this winter and have stalled again. I have 63 out of 100 completed. I'd like to have all 100 blocks completed for this quarter and maybe by quarter 3 have it completely done!

5. Stitch Tease blocks - stay up to date! Currently i'm slacking on March and April - these need to take top priority.

6. Knotted Threads Shop - I decided to open an appendage etsy shop to Knotted Thread the fabric shop (knotthreads on etsy) to show some handmade items and make it easier for those family and friends that want to "see what I do" and buy baby quilts, etc. Though the shop is "open" there are zero items currently listed. Need to start building some inventory and get that up and running. Once there are some things in there it will get a formal post for everyone.

Phew, between these mostly large projects, my full time job and planning a wedding in October… I should stay busy. I'll be making a more concerted effort to keep you all updated on my quilting as well as the shop happenings too!

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