Saturday, April 19, 2014

Shop Update

We've added a bunch of new solid flannels to the shop this week - I know these are my go to for backings lately. There is just something extra cozy about a flannel backing! 

I've also set up PREORDER listings for Heather Ross -Far Far Away which will be arriving in July. There are FQ bundles, ½ yard bundles and yard bundles. If you are intending to PREORDER these, please do not purchase with anything else as they will not ship until July! :)

We've also added a new pattern section to the shop that has recently been stocked with Thimble Blossom patterns, Staple dresses and a bunch of the mini patterns that are just adorable!!

Back more next week with some ACTUAL sewing!
It's been all mystery projects recently, so hopefully I can show some soon!

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