Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mystery Quilt… Revealed!

So back in March I started a project that I could only reveal in small pieces on Instagram (@knotted_thread) if you're interested in following!

My best friend of 25 years is getting married this summer and I decided a quilt… a substantial quilt was needed to gift her. She has been an irish step dancer since she was 5y.o. and in college we even traveled to Ireland together for the All Ireland competition. This being said, the quilt pattern "Triple Irish Chain" was a no brainer.

I made a queen size for her and when I finished piecing, sent it out to Heidi for some long arm expertise

Let's just say… she EXCEEDED anything I had mentally thought this would be.
Her attention to detail is absolutely amazing and I couldn't have been more thrilled with out it turned out!

See! Silly mom and her fingers over the lens… awesome.

Welp, thats a huge finish I can check off my FAL list and with that being said,
Congratulations again Maggie and Augie!!


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