Monday, June 2, 2014


I've had a bundle of Anna Maria Horner voile in my stash for some time.
I decided to get chopping and put it to good use.

I went with a simple patchwork quilt and backed it with AMH from Hand Drawn Garden.

My favorite thing about this quilt is how lightweight it is. The voile gives the top a silky feel and the cotton backing is super lightweight. There is 100% cotton backing inside for durability.

I did a simple double line of top stitching and tied it to keep it light and lofty.

This blanket is the perfect addition to any household for a light summer quilt or great as a picnic blanket.
I've listed it in my etsy shop

My lovely sister modeling the perfect picnic blanket for your summer barbecue.

Quilt Stats
Fabric - AMH Voile for the top, AMH cotton for the backing
Size - approx. 63" x 77"
Quilting - hand tied and topstitched by me

It's finished and ready to find its way to a new home for some love and cuddling!

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