Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 Finish a Long - Quarter 1

Well, in an attempt to get back into the blogging, I figured what better way than to join back into the Finish a Long! I participated  back when it began, but got lazy over the past 2 years by partially committing, not keeping myself accountable, and then completely not participating last year! This year, I'm determined to stay on task. I know that in the years I participated I actually tended to finish those projects, versus jumping around as i've done in more recent years (which is why I found myself with so many unfinished quilt tops this January and why I was feverishly basting and quilting during my nesting mode 38-40 weeks pregnant!)

This year it is set up a bit differently and there are 9 hosts from around the globe - 
These ladies are sure to have their hands full this year as I know each year the number of participants jumps tremendously. If you haven't participated before I definitely recommend checking it out and joining in on the fun! The ladies have also set up an Instagram account @finishalong and are using the hashtag #2016fal over there as well. You can add your own list to the linky party for quarter 1 HERE

Here goes nothing with my list..

1.  Complete Ruby, Pearl and Opal quilt - just needs basting, quilting and binding

2. Mon Ami quilt - this is a commission quilt that is in the very early stages

3. Polka Dot Beach Blanket quilt - this one needs basting, quilting, binding and a handle attachment for easy transportation

4. Swoon Sixteen Quilt - This is another commission project that needs to be finished this quarter, i've pulled fabrics but thats the extent of it!

I'm going to leave my list with 4 this time as I'm sure a newborn will be taking up a lot of my time as well and i'm thinking this might even be adventurous!

Fingers crossed for a successful first quarter! Don't forget to join in on the fun and add your link, you have until the end of this week!

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  1. You are one brave girl trying to tackle this list but I wish you the best! Glad you are joining in again!


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