Year of Lovely Finishes

I find it easier for me to stay on track when i'm forced to be held accountable, and this concept of finishing ONE ufo, or wip a month, is definitely doable. So let's see what things i'll be looking to accomplish in 2013.

As of March 2013 I'm 5 for 14

1. hand pieced quilt - my first, entirely hand pieced quilt, i'm shooting for 15 snowflake hexagons a month - January, February, March Achieved + some

2. We Bee Modern Too blocks quilt Finished in March

3. DWR quilt - 80 arcs made, taking this one slow, but 2013 is the year!

4. I'm thinking these are destined to be Giant star quilts, need to order some backing fabric

5. Finish this quilt - top completed

6. Heirloom quilt - i've been hoarding this fabric for some time.. no more hoarding!

7. Clothing - I want to make some clothing this year, i've already ordered the Wiksten tank to try first..

8. Sea Swirls quilt - I've been wanting to make this project since I sawJess's version (pictured below) - I have my fabric pulled.. but thats it.

9. Various Patterns - I have so many patterns i've ordered/saved that I want to start working my way through them.. one a month at least!

10. Hawaiian applique - I want this finished before our possible move back to the mainland next summer.

11. Postage Stamp quilt Finished in February!

12. Baby Quilts - Finished in February/March

13. Ship Shape Tote - started at Sewing Summit 

14. Mod Pop quilt - Finished February
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